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University Scholarships

Since 1986, United Palestinian Appeal’s Scholarship Program has partnered with Palestinian universities and other academic institutions to award scholarships to over 2,000 Palestinian students. UPA scholarships cover a substantial portion of tuition. Students who continue to maintain an overall average of 80% or higher will receive annual scholarships throughout the duration of their degree program.

For Palestinian students, please note that there is no student application process for the UPA Scholarship Program, and UPA does not provide scholarships for students at universities outside of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip. For Palestinian universities, please note that you must be a qualified UPA partner in order to be considered for participation in the UPA Scholarship Program.

Each year, participating institutions in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip recommend incoming students for scholarship consideration to UPA based on their assessment of a student’s academic excellence, financial need and a desire to give back to the Palestinian community. Each recommended student must submit two essays (one in Arabic, one in English) to UPA on given topics. UPA then selects students based on the institution’s recommendations, UPA’s evaluation of the essays, the availability of funds and the number of students already in the program at the given institution.

Work-Study Program

UPA encourages participating Palestinian institutions to deepen their commitment to their students by awarding a work-study grant to UPA scholarship recipients. Work-study grants help students feel that they are earning their scholarship, giving them valuable experience as they give their time to their institution or local community. By awarding work-study grants, institutions foster greater student involvement in campus life and become an active partner in supporting the academic and professional success of their students. Work-study students are encouraged to participate in activities that help UPA achieve its goals and objectives.

Vocational Training

To combat chronic unemployment and help build a diversified workforce UPA awards scholarships to students attending select vocational training programs.