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Audiology and Speech Disorder Center, Birzeit University, West Bank

Establishing an audiology and speech disorder center that will offer the first undergraduate bachelors degree program for diagnosing and treating audiology and speech disorders in Palestine.

Emergency Employment Generation Project, West Bank and Gaza Strip

In response to unemployment caused by the second intifada, UPA is awarded a $2.7 million grant by USAID for an emergency employment generation project that it implements with the Welfare Association.

Makassed Nursing College, East Jerusalem

Construction of the first modern four-year nursing institution in Palestine.

Al-Bayyara Playgrounds, West Bank and Gaza Strip

The construction of over ten playgrounds throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip to improve the well-being of thousands of Palestinian children and their families by providing safe, outdoor areas for play.

Children's Library in Beit Jala, West Bank

The completion of a children’s library that serves 15,600-plus residents of Beit Jala, Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, neighboring refugee camps & villages.

Kidney Dialysis Center at Al Hamshari Hospital, south Lebanon

The renovation and expansion of the primary kidney dialysis center for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.