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University Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program - The gift that cannot be confiscated, demolished or occupied

Since 1986, the UPA University Scholarship Program has helped over 2,000 Palestinian students realize their dream of higher education. UPA awards full degree scholarships that cover most or all of a student’s tuition costs to study at leading universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Recipients must demonstrate academic excellence, financial need and a desire to give back to their community and nation. By assisting students to attend local universities, UPA seeks to buttress Palestinian higher education and encourage the development of an independent, sustainable Palestinian economy.

Vocational Training

To combat chronic unemployment, UPA awards scholarships and grants for vocational training. The labor demands of the Palestinian economy cannot be met by university graduates alone. Vocational training can fill that gap by teaching students marketable skills, by exposing working professionals to the latest methods and technologies and by helping the unemployed transition to a new career. Specializations include carpentry, construction, automobile repair, electrical wiring, fashion design and photography.

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